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Advice for Cougars

Our dating site has a huge variety of older women; some who have dated younger men before and some who have wanted to, but not yet reached their full MILF potential. After a recent survey with some of our Cougar brand ambassadors, we have been able to put together some advice for the women who have recently joined our site and are getting ready to speak to, and meet with, their first younger guy. Enjoy!


·       Don’t fear judgement!!! Our MILFs all mentioned this as being something they worried about at first, until they realised that women who judged them were secretly jealous. Be yourself!

·       Don’t get hung up on the term “cougar” or “MILF”. You aren’t looking to be pigeon-holed, you’re a confident, sexy older woman who wants a younger man with energy and a zest for life. You don’t need a label except to find this site!

·       Just sex? Understand that just because he is young doesn’t mean you won’t fall for him. As much as you’re getting into this for casual reasons, you’re not immune to actually deciding you want more.

·       Prepare for some shocks! The hot and horny young studs you meet will surprise you, whether it be their music choice, constant phone use or relaxed attitude to casual sex (in fact, he may have had more sexual partners than you!). They may also be far more caring and courteous than you thought, as the new generation are surrounded by strong women everywhere they look and see you as equal.

·       You don’t have to be the hunter. The stereotypical cougar is something of a controlling man-eater. In reality, it’s the guys who will do most of the pursuing so don’t worry about having to make the first moves. Sit back and let them chase you!

·       Young people keep us young. If you’re ready to settle down and quietly live out your remaining years in a passionless environment, then hooking up with a younger man isn’t for you. There’s no doubt that younger guys make older ladies feel more energetic and sexier than they have in years…maybe more than they ever did. It’s more fun than dating an older guy and also keeps you up-to-date on the latest fads. Be ready for the reminder that age is just a number!

·       Don’t give in to his demands. He’ll try to get his own way all the time but part of the reason that he’s attracted to older women is that he wants to be with a strong, mature woman who is experienced and sexy. Don’t be scared to stand your ground on any issue.