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Cougar Dating Tips

When a younger man dates an older, more mature woman, it can lead to an incredibly fulfilling relationship in many ways. The most obvious of which is when the sexual experience that the hot, sexy older lady has, is combined with the energy and enthusiasm that the younger guy possesses.

When you find yourself in such a situation (most likely as a result of using our online Cougar and MILF dating site!), you don’t want to mess it up. This is HOT SEX with a confident, older woman on tap, and you don’t want the faucet to run dry just yet.

Here are our top tips to keep your cougar fling going strong:

Be Patient and Understanding

In a perfect world you’d just lie in bed with her day and night, exploring her amazing hunger for sexual exploration (she stopped being inhibited in the bedroom years ago) and enjoying the pleasures that come from her vast experience. However, although you may be young, free from commitments and able to do what you want, she may not. Chances are she has kids, a job she values and some serious routines, all of which can be tiring on the body and mind. Make sure you respect the things that are important in her life and give her the time and space she needs to keep control of everything – do that and she’ll reward you in way you can’t even imagine.

Give Compliments

A cougar values her appearance – make sure she knows you have noticed how good she looks. Maybe even the odd gift, just to remind her that you prefer her to the younger airheads that you see in college, university or work each day. Most importantly, have fun with her and actually show her that you’re happy with her.

Recognise Red Flags

Maybe it started as a casual, no strings attached hook up and has now become something more serious. Older women, for all of their brilliance, do come with ‘baggage’; children, an ex-husband or an unfinished divorce. If you aren’t interested in taking things further it’s important for you to recognise when things become more than you bargained for. Another red flag can be money related – we all know what a ‘gold-digger’ is and if money is important to you, it may be time to start reconsidering this woman, even if she is a sexy cross between Courtney Cox and Gwyneth Paltrow. If the situation is no longer for you, it’s time to politely get out!